Urasenke Konnichian of Kyoto is one of the major establishments within Japan that has preserved the tradition of Chado or the Way of Tea.  From the first Urasenke generation, Sen no Rikyu (1522-91) to the current headmaster Zabosai Genmoku Soshitsu XVI (b.1956 -), the Sen family lineage has devoted great effort into the fostering the philosophy of Tea through the simple words of Wa - Harmony, Kei -Repect, Sei - Purity & Jaku - Tranquility. Over the years Urasenke has established connections in over twentyone cities worldwide.


Kyojo refers to a certificate of study. Urasenke organizes its study into groups of methods of learning procedures. Urasenke in Kyoto accepts Kyojo applications from teachers on behalf of their students who are serious about their studies. These certificates mark a person’s entrance into a specified field of study. Obtaining permission to enter the next level of study indicates a kind of graduation from the previous level. In this way of thinking, certificates are always given at the beginning point of study rather than at its completion.